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We offer various services to clients within many different market segments. We have provided a brief outline of our popular services below.

Web Design with a solution to meet your needs

Compulutions offers web design services which utilise various modern technologies and best practice principals in order to create solutions that meet your needs. Our websites are always responsive to ensure they are compatible across mobile and desktop platforms. A commitment to high quality, innovation, and rigorous standards means our websites represent the best possible value to all our customers.

Web Development using a wide range of technologies

Compulutions provides various technical services to clients who have web development requirements. From conception to production developments, we take your requirements and create solutions that solve real world problems. We focus on providing customised solutions, additions, updates and fixes to existing websites and various opensource platforms based on your requirements and criteria.

Web Management with hands on support

We provide website and server management services to small and medium businesses where the requirements relate to Ubuntu server infrastructure. We offer various management solutions based on commonly used opensource software. We provide customised solutions that cater for your specific needs, we are able to provide infrastructure options as well ad-hoc options for clients with existing infrastructure.

Graphic Design all-in-one branding solutions

Compulutions provides graphic design services that ensure your brand is always beautifully presented with a professional quality and consistency throughout. Whether you’re a start-up developing a new identity, or an established company in need of a fresh look, we have the solutions for all your branding requirements.

Web Marketing to boost your online visibility

We provide web marketing services that keep your business consistently active on social media and search engines in order to maximise online visibility and get you to the number one spot. Our expertise and comprehensive solutions ensure traffic to your site to help you build credibility with your potential customer base and greatly improve your SEO ranking.

Business Coaching for startups and small businesses

We provide situation based coaching services to entrepreneurs, startups and established ecommerce operations. This is a 1on1 session with our Managing Director, Craig van Tonder which covers various aspects of optimising operational procedures, streamlining sales and marketing processes along with general problem solving, assistance and advice for your new or existing business venture. For entrepreneurs these sessions are essential and will save you both time and money.