Compulutions (Pty) Ltd. was founded on the 2nd of Febuary 2012 by Craig van Tonder. We deliver excellent service and support which focuses on supplying unique computer solutions to a wide range of businesses. We create web based online products and services that meet specific requirements.

We offer a wide range of products and services that cater for various market segments although our core focus is ecommerce. Our focus with ecommerce has lead us to create various products that deal in the IT and ICT industry along with various services that enable small businesses to cope with a large workload. We enjoy working with both new and established businesses and we do this actively within our local community through our business listing directory. We provide various technical and creative services to clients within the telecommunications industry. We also provide various solutions for clients with specific requirements in relation to digtal products and services.

We have many new and exciting ideas for the future and more information that relates to this will be released at a later date. Feel free to contact us if you have a specific request or for any further information in relation to our company, products or services.

Innovation is our game and we create computerised solutions that enable the modern world to evolve.

Craig van Tonder

Computer Solutionsfor a wide array of purposes

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